Hearing Loss Prevention for Musicians

Zoe Dinger, Malorie Wagman, Abbi Kirchner, Kristin Johnson, Rachael Piper, Victoria Eschmann and Jake Caravello

Four of our current AuD students presented a talk entitled “Hearing Loss Prevention for Musicians” to150  perspective Marching Illini band members on Wednesday, August 22.  This is the third year we have spoken to the Marching Illini band members.  The students that presented the talk were Malorie Wagman, Abbi Kirchner,  Rachael Piper, and Jake Caravello.  Kristin Johnson, Victoria Eschmann, and Zoe Dinger passed out handouts to the band students.
The students did a great job and were outstanding departmental and clinic representatives.  Please join me in congratulating them on a job well done!