SHS associate professor Husain receives Center for Advanced Study appointment

Vincent Lara-Cinisomo
Fatima Husain

Dr. Fatima Husain, associate professor in the Department of Speech and Hearing Science at the College of Applied Health Sciences, has received an appointment to Illinois' Center for Advanced Study (CAS).

Dr. Husain's appointment is for the 2019-20 academic year. The mission of CAS is bringing together scholars from diverse disciplines and backgrounds, encouraging and rewarding excellence in all areas of academic inquiry.

"It is an honor!," Dr. Husain said. "I am excited about the coming work and grateful for the support.

"In some ways, the work I will be doing is a continuation of the work I began as a CAS Fellow in 2011-2012 — using resting state brain imaging to better understand neural mechanisms of tinnitus and hearing loss. Now, we will be using such data to develop computational models for diagnostic and prognostic purposes, thereby helping the patients in the short-term."

Associates are selected based on proposals for scholarly or creative work.  Faculty members with winning proposals are appointed as associates and awarded one semester of release time to pursue their projects.

CAS supports faculty research by awarding, on a competitive basis, research appointments providing one-semester release-time to outstanding junior and senior colleagues pursuing innovative and path-breaking research, writing and performance projects.

CAS Professors are permanent members of the Center, appointed after a rigorous nomination and election process. These distinguished academics include among others: a Nobel Laureate; a National Book Award winner; a MacArthur Fellow; and a Pulitzer Prize winner, along with many members of the National Academies of Sciences and Engineering.