Elective Coursework

  • SHS 427 Language and the Brain
  • SHS 473 Augmentative and Alternative Communication
  • SHS 572 Counseling in Communication Disorders
  • SHS 586 Advanced Seminar in Development Communication Disorders
  • SHS 587 Advanced Seminar in Acquired Communication Disorders
  • SHS 588 Advanced Seminar in Neural Bases Communication Disorders
  • SHS 593 Special Problems (examples below)
    • Cognitive Communication Disorders
    • Autism
    • Infant Feeding and Craniofacial Difference in the Medical Setting
  • SHS 599 MA Thesis

Other electives within and outside of the department may be taken with the consent of the major advisor. All electives must meet Graduate College requirements. Some examples are courses in Physiology, Psychology, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, Anthropology, Speech Communication, Linguistics, Rehabilitation, Special Education, and Biology.