Clarion Mendes Receives Provost’s Faculty Retreat Grant

Clarion Mendes, clinical instructor and speech-language pathologist in the University of Illinois Speech-Language Pathology Clinic, has received a Provost’s Faculty Retreat Grant for her proposal entitled “Simulated Patient, Real Engagement.” The goal of the highly competitive grant program is to facilitate instructional enhancements that improve education at Illinois.
“There’s been a movement in healthcare to incorporate more case-based and problem-based learning into the curriculum,” she said. “This grant allows me to secure clinical simulation software that I can use in our graduate class in motor speech disorders, and that students can engage with outside the classroom as well.”
Because the patients are simulated, she added, students can make errors, and learn from them, in a supported environment. The software provides students with opportunities to gain experience before a face-to-face evaluation of a medically complex patient.

Clarion Mendes