Undergraduates Minor

The undergraduate minor in Speech and Hearing Science is a valuable enhancement to the program of any student desiring to learn more about human communication. The student is invited to explore the physical, behavioral, cognitive and social aspects of human communication including; speech, language, hearing, conversation and related functions across the lifespan.

Courses for the Undergraduate Minor in Speech and Hearing Science
Hours Requirements
3 hrs

Required Course

SHS 170 Introduction to Human Communication Systems & Disorders (3)

6 - 7 hrs Select two of the following:

SHS 222 Language and Culture of Deaf Communities (3)

SHS 240 Introduction to Sound and Hearing Science (3)

SHS 300 Anatomy & Physiology of Speech Mechanisms (4)

SHS 320 Development of Spoken Language (3)

SHS 352 Hearing Health and Society (3)

8 - 9 hrs choose from the following:

SHS 120 Children, Communication & Language Ability (3)

SHS 200 General Phonetics (3)

SHS 270 Communication Disability in the Media (4)

SHS 271 Communication and Aging (3)

SHS 375 Communication Partners and Health (3)

SHS 301 General Speech Science (4)

SHS 427 Language and the Brain (3)

SHS 450 Intro Audiologoy & Hearing Disorders

SHS 451 Aural Rehabilitation Children to Adults (3)a

SHS 470 Neural Bases Speech Languagea

SHS 473 Augmentative and Alternative Communication (3)*

* Senior level status in SHS or instructor consent required

a Consent of instructor


17 - 19 total hours required for the Minor in Speech and Hearing Science. Students must take at least 6 hours of SHS courses at the 300 or 400 level from this approved list. For more information call the Department of Speech & Hearing Science at 333-2230. Use the following link to find the Statement of Intent to Pursue a Campus Approved Minor