Audiology student attends the Academy of Doctors of Audiology convention

Lindsey YardeThird-year Audiology student Lindsey Yarde recently participated in Lobby Day 2015 during the Academy of Doctors of Audiology convention in Washington, DC, in November. She was one of 140 audiologists and students advocating for the Audiology Patient Choice Act, HR 2519.

HR 2519 gives Medicare patients direct access to audiology services without a physician’s referral. It also provides audiologists with reimbursement from Medicare and qualifies audiologists as Limited License Physicians, giving them the same status as practitioners such as chiropractors, podiatrists, and optometrists who are classified as non-medical physicians.

Lindsey and Chase Smith, the current president of the Student Academy of Doctors of Audiology, worked with mentor Dr. Alicia Spoor, owner of Designer Audiology in Highland, Maryland. Lindsey took part in six sessions with legislative assistants from congressional offices for South Carolina and Maryland. She took charge in a meeting with Walter Gonzales, the legislative director for Maryland Representative Dutch Ruppersberger.

Lindsey said the advice Mr. Gonzales gave her at the end of their session left a lasting impression. “He said how important it was that I was supporting my profession and seeing first-hand how much work goes into getting a bill through Congress,” she said. “As a legislative director, he is not always aware of what is going on in specific professions unless someone brings it to his attention. He encouraged me to stay involved in advocating for the profession. I will forever be an advocate for audiology.”

Lindsey’s attendance at the Academy of Doctors of Audiology convention was made possible through a scholarship awarded by Starkey Hearing Technologies.